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Ways to Participate

National Entrepreneurship Week is a grassroots effort led by a team of volunteers from non-profit organizations. The movement is made stronger by a robust network of partners who take initiative to collaborate, coordinate, and create their own activities and engagement events. Focused on education, we invite you to consider submitting an event or resource, engaging on social media, and checking out opportunities to participate via our Events & Resources page. 

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2024 Daily Themes

NatlEshipWeek's Daily Themes help stakeholders across the United States engage in diverse programming representative of the unique voices of America's Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Taking place Monday-Friday, consider aligning your events and resources with our 2024 Daily Themes and be sure to participate in NatlEshipWeek's daily programming.

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Plan or Attend an Event

There are plenty of ways to celebrate and uplift entrepreneurship in your community. Check out a few of our ideas below, and visit our Events page to register for events from our network across the country that you may be interested in.

Plan an Event

There are plenty of ways to celebrate and uplift entrepreneurship in your community. Some we love:


Facilitate an educational webinar or workshop for your local community. We'll share it!


Uplift an entrepreneur in your community by inviting them to speak as a guest expert.


Host a networking event for entrepreneurs and other members of your local community.


Make a commitment to shop local and support businesses in your community.

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Review & Submit Resources

Entrepreneurship is a collaborative endeavor. Whether you are an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, educator, or government figure, there is a wealth of resources available to support entrepreneurship across the country. Check out our wealth of resources via the Resource Directory, and consider submitting your resource today. 

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Share a Resource

There are tons of free resources available to support entrepreneurship. Some we love:


Uplift your own or recognize organizations that are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs.


Share existing programs, such as training programs, communities of practice, etc. to tap into for resources.


Data is important. Share best practices, entrepreneurial research, and impactful data to help entrepreneurs hone their business.


Perhaps the most vital resource for entrepreneurs, share funding opportunities and resources.

Engage & Share

Interested in entrepreneurship, but looking for an easy way to show your support? Help us spread the word! The more voices uplifting the importance of entrepreneurship, the more events and resources will become available and accessible to entrepreneurs across the country that need our support. 

Engage on Social Media

Follow along with the NatlEshipWeek movement using the hashtag #NatlEshipWeek and connect with our official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There's also a wealth of resources on our Social Tools page for easy posting.

Social Media Storm

Each year, NatlEshipWeek hosts a 30-minute "Social Media Storm" with the goal to flood social media with support of entrepreneurship. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on next year's social storm and click the easy link below to tweet immediately! 

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