NatlEshipWeek 2021 Social Tools

The following toolkit is designed to help you and your organization engage in the NatlEshipWeek movement. Help us spread the word about #NatlEshipWeek 2021 within your community using the materials below! 



Use this hashtag across your favorite social media platforms to engage in the conversation around 



Branding Guidance


Use the NatlEshipWeek official logo can be used on all promotional material. Event organizers are free to list NatlEshipWeek as a partner for events they plan during NatlEshipWeek, February 13-20, 2021. If the NatlEshipWeek is to be the dominant brand on any scheduled event or promotional material, its use must be approved by the NatlEshipWeek coordination team. Please submit a contact request for approval.  


The NatlEshipWeek logo emphasizes the red, white, and blue colors of the United States. The logo should remain colorized on all promotional materials.



HTML/HEX: #d3252d

RGB: 211, 37, 45

HTML/HEX: #24448c

RGB: 36, 68, 140



Social Media


Twitter - Primary Social Channel

  • We're looking forward to celebrating #NatlEshipWeek with organizations across the country, February 13-20! What activities do you have planned? 

  • This week is #NatlEshipWeek, an annual celebration of entrepreneurship across the United States. We are proud to be a 2021 partner and uplift entrepreneurs in our community.

  • As part of #NatlEshipWeek, we're hosting a [describe activity] on [date]. Register here: [link].

  • TWITTER STORM February 17th, 1-1:30pm

    • We're excited to participate in the 2021 Twitter Storm for #NatlEshipWeek and help entrepreneurship break the internet! Give us a retweet and show your support NOW by tagging @NatlEshipWeek. ​

Facebook + LinkedIn - Secondary Social Channels 

  • We are excited to celebrate and uplift entrepreneurship across the United States as part of #NatlEshipWeek, February 13-20, 2021! This annual event celebrates the vital contribution entrepreneurs make to the economy and their local communities. Share your support by commenting below!

  • #NatlEshipWeek is an annual, grassroots movement dedicated to celebrating America's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. We are grateful to be a part of this thriving network and to celebrate with organizations across the country on February 13-20, 2021. 

  • As part of #NatlEshipWeek, we'll be hosting a [describe activity] on [date]. The event will feature [key details on topic or speakers]. Register today at: [link]. 

Light Purple and White Fashion Back to B


Light Purple and White Fashion Back to B

Key Messages 

  • NatlEshipWeek is a national movement taking place the third week of February annually that is dedicated to celebrating the diverse voices of entrepreneurship across the United States. 

  • NatlEshipWeek represents America's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, a grassroots network of partner organizations from Maui to Miami that support and uplift entrepreneurs in their local community.

  • America's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is as diverse as its people. NatlEshipWeek supports and uplifts the unique voices of entrepreneurs in all stages and encourages budding entrepreneurs to take the leap.

  • NatlEshipWeek encourages and engages federal stakeholders, recognizing entrepreneurship is the backbone and lifeblood of a thriving U.S. economy. 

  • Join the NatlEshipWeek movement by using the hashtag #NatlEshipWeek on all social media platforms.

Light Purple and White Fashion Back to B
Light Purple and White Fashion Back to B

A congressionally-chartered week celebrating entrepreneurship across the country, taking place
February 13-20, 2021.

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